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Innovative Telecommunications Consulting


Every month companies are wasting millions of dollars in erroneous and unnecessary telecom spending.  Engage with NDM Resources and we will eliminate this waste and redirect the savings to your bottom line.  




Outsourcing non-core functions is designed to leverage expertise while minimizing cost and long-term exposure. Engaging NDM Resources is no exception. Your company receives the benefits of employing high-level telecom executives without long-term employment contracts. Additionally, outsourcing allows your internal staff to remain focused on their day-to-day responsibilities.

At NDM Resources, we start with a comprehensive review of your company's needs, current infrastructure and any service issues. Then, using your carrier's resources and our proprietary software, we analyze your invoices and contract data in order to identify potential savings. With your consent, NDM works directly with the carriers to pursue the savings that you decide to pursue. The decision is always yours and unlike other firms, NDM Resources remains engaged until the savings have been secured!

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